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Have you accessed the Ophthalmic News & Education (O.N.E. ) Network yet?

As a member of the Syrian Ophthalmological Society, you now have access to the O.N.E. Network, an online educational resource for ophthalmologists created by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).  The O.N.E. Network features a large amount of clinical education in all subspecialties, including interactive cases, access to five leading journals plus the Wills Eye Manual, self-assessment tools and meeting presentations. Visit the O.N.E. Network.

Is this your first time visiting the O.N.E. Network?

You will need the access key emailed to you by the AAO.  Contact the Syrian Ophthalmological Society (+963-11-4462184 /, or Ms.Annamarie Hastings ( if you are unable to locate it or if you have difficulty logging in.

  • Did you receive the Academy Express e-mails ?

As a member of the Syrian Ophthalmological Society, you have the advantage of receiving the Academy Express e-mails .

The Academy Express is a weekly summary of the distinguished articles which are most recently published in the prominent international ophthalmological journals .

Contact the Syrian Ophthalmological Society (+963-11-4462184 /, or Ms.Annamarie Hastings ( if you have difficulty in receiving it .


Academy Express

A weekly news brief for members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmological Society of Ghana and Ophthalmological Society of Nigeria

Editor-in-Chief: David W. Parke II, MD
Chief Medical Editor: Andrew G. Iwach, MD
Managing Editor: Susanne Medeiros

AAO Advisory Panel:
Terry L. Forrest, MD, Jean E. Ramsey, MD
Franco M. Recchia, MD, James C. Tsai, MD
Eliza Hoskins, MD, Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD

MEACO Advisory Panel:
M. Alaa El-Danasoury, MD,
Ismail Hamza, MD

OSG Advisory Panel:
Dr. Stephen Akafo

OSN Advisory Panel:
Dr. E. O. Babalola

SOS Advisory Panel:
Anas Anbari, MD

TOD Advisory Panel:
Nevbahar Tamcelik, MD, Nusret Ozdemir, MD

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June 9, 2009

Dear SOS Member,

We are pleased to announce an exciting venture between the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), the Syrian Ophthalmological Society (SOS) and other ophthalmic societies in the Middle East and Africa. Together we have created a regional edition of the Academy's popular weekly electronic newsletter, Academy Express, specifically for Middle Eastern and African ophthalmologists.

Academy Express is e-mailed weekly to ophthalmologists around the globe, offering a quick look at highlights from peer-reviewed clinical journals, as well as opinion from leading experts in the field and news from the Academy. This new regional edition will include all of the clinical information from the original Academy Express, but it will also provide you with the latest news from SOS.

Whether in San Francisco, California or Damascus, Syria we know that ophthalmologists around the world could use some help staying up with the latest journal studies and educational opportunities. We hope you'll find this newsletter interesting and useful, just like the thousands of ophthalmologists who read Academy Express each week.


Tarek Mousa, MD
Presdient, SOS

David W. Parke II, MD
Executive Vice President and CEO, AAO