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Syria's History

Facts and figures:
Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth. Its mysteries are buried under (8 feet) of earth and debris, to which each ruler and every civilization has contributed a layer.
Official name: Syrian Arab Republic,
The Capital : Damascus.
It's region about 18.000 Hectare.
The main Airports : Damascus International Airport , Aleppo Airport, and Lattakia Airport.
The population: Is about 18.000.000 Million inhabitants.
The Official Language:Arabic is native language .However , English & French are widely spoken .
The weather: Syria has a moderate weather & in succession the four seasons and in June.    
What you need to visit Syria: A valid passport with visa which you can get it from any Syrian Embassy
Business hours: Government offices are closed on Fridays & Saturdays, whereas most shops close on Friday.
Shop opening hours: 10.00 am till 10.00 pm.
Official currency: The currency in Syria is Syrian pound. Each one dollar equals approximately 46 $.

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