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Paper Submission

Abstract submission form

Ophthalmologists are kindly invited to submit their abstract for the SOS next meeting/Symposium using the following form. Please fill all parts (A, B, and C) of the form, and submit it.

Alternatively you can fill the form (all three parts) and send it to the SOS via email to:

Kindly note that you will receive an email within 24 hours following your paper/course submission to confirm that the SOS did receive your submission. In case you donít receive such an email this indicates that you did not complete the submission properly and that you should repeat the submission process and adhere to the submission instructions displayed at the paper/course submission page.


A- Personal details:


  Main Author (Required)
 Full Name (Required)
 Degrees (i.e. MD, MBBS, DO, PhD) (Required)
 E-mail address (Required)
 Confirm email address (Required)
 Mailing Address
 City State/Province
 Postal Code
 Telephone Number
 Fax Number
 Mobile Number(Required)
 Co-authors (please list all names  and titles)(Required)


B- Abstract Submission

  1. The abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by the SOS scientific committee (authorsí names will be separated from the abstract).
  2. †In order to make their work as efficient and the selection as objective as possible, the following guidelines should be followed

    I. Abstracts should be submitted in clear and concise English. The abstracts will be published as submitted.
    II. The structure of the abstract should be as follows:
    a. Background and Purpose
    b. Methods
    c. Results
    d. Conclusions
  3. Please fill in the title and abstract in the field provided (Please do not include any figures and tables at this stage)
  • Maximum number or words for title is: 20
  • Maximum number of words for the abstract is: 120
 - Title (Required)
 - Abstract(Required)
    4. Speakers are expected to deliver their presentation on a CD at least one day prior to the presentation date to the SOS secretary or to the speakersí services in a compatible format with:
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.
    • Windows Media Player or Quick time Player version 7
    5. The official language of the meeting is Arabic/English (no presentation should be in any different language).

C- Financial Disclosure

Please take note that "in the formative activities of CME should be only indicated generic names (of medicines, devices, instruments), and no commercial name can be reported, even if not related to the topic of discussion".

Therefore, you are kindly asked to consider the above in the oral exposition of your works, in the contents of the presentation to be projected to the audience, and in the drafting of the abstract to be published in the Scientific Program, removing any possible commercial/advertising reference for all the accredited CME events.

Financial disclosure is mandatory, and we encourage presenters to include their financial disclosure on the first slide of their presentation. Please describe your status (please mark):
I do have a financial interest to declare
I do not have any financial interest to declare
  • Checklis
  • I have filled all forms A, B, and C
  • My abstract word count is within the limit

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