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Modern studies for retina treatment

Recommended Research Products The IMO Institute is the only center that is in continuous studies in Europe to look for a new treatment of artificial vision. The Iris®II is inventor by Pixium Vision through the network, is easy to operate and reduce the risk of retina and other surgical complications. This machine (IRIS®II) is a new generator for retail treatment, is easy to use and change it when needed. Treatment is on the view of Dr. Rafael Navarro (Reuters) in this area with the Impro Foundation: "This new device is expected to give remarkable results for patients who use. At the moment it is difficult to talk about the results exactly but gives accurate information about the retina. Dr. Anniken Burés. On the other hand, Dr. Borja Corcostegui) is the research manager for these studies in Spain for more than two decades: "We did not get after the results of the supply of improving the quality of patients' lives, but perseverance in the coming years will allow good queues. This encourages the Immo Institute's Immune of these studies to get satisfactory results, among these research: genetic therapy and is in advanced phase of study. The period for the study and how to choose the filters began IRIS®II's studies and last 18 months and may reach 36 months according to the results. 10 patients will be studied, one of the participation of one of the participant center (and the selection of filters of the experience still continuously. The patients are all the worst visas because of an atrophy in the retina: the petroleum rebel, the conical convenience or a comfortable break. This prothlast caused a bombing in the cells of the retina but does not confuse the optical nerve. Patients who have lost the sight of other symptoms such as the diabetes of the diabetes or the palace of the squid, are the same, the sheets or some corneal diseases. How to use IRIS®II with a silicon-based of the 150-in-chip-iris®Ir (Iris®). The latter is grown into the gray and stimulates it in an artificial way, allowing the patient to understand the shapes and movements. The device uses a mini-bso-inspired mini-camera to reduce the human eye, as you pick up visualization of optical fields through pixels. Thanks to the camera installed on glasses that are the information that stimulates the retina to move the image of the brain.