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Diabetes and the eye On the occasion of the International Diabetes Day, the Syrian Society of Eye Doctors, in cooperation with the Hama Doctors order, organized a scientific symposium entitled Diabetes and Eye in Hama - Apamea Hotel, on 15-11-2019
preparing for the annual conference of the Syria Ophthalmological Society Beginning to prepare for the 38th annual conference of the Syria Ophthalmological Society with Arab and Foreigners in Damascus - Ebla al sham Hotel (9 -10 - 11 ) April 2020
Guests speakers . Guests speakers in 38th annual conference for Syrian ophthalmology society in Damascus
Scientific symposium on cornea SOS in cooperation with the Health Directorate in the Governorate of Sweida, holds a scientific symposium on the cornea, 31-1-2020
A seminar on the cornea in the city of As-Suwayda Under the patronage of the governor of As-Suwayda and the co-operation of As-Suwayda Directorate of Health , the Syrian Association of Ophthalmologists held a symposium ( lights on the cornea ) in the city of As-Suwayda on Friday 31-1-2020.. The seminar was distinguished by valuable lectures from colleagues talking about cornea diseases and latest treatments . The symposium was attended by many colleagues from the governorate and from outside whom riched the seminar with their discussions on the sidelines of lecturers . Great thanks to everyone who participated in the success of this seminar in organizing and attending Special thanks to all colleagues in As-Suwayda Governorate for their kind hospitality and warm welcome which is not strange to ( jabal Al arab`s ) sons . Till upcoming meeting and seminars wishing you the best .
Participate in a lecture For those who wish to participate in a lecture at the annual conference , please go to the website or application and register until no later than 31-1-2020
EPOMEC Conference We would like to remind you that the date of EPOMEC conference from (19-21) -3 -2020 held in Dubai,United Arab EmiratesThose who wish to register and attend contact with the Syrian Ophthalmology of Society +963991615740
The registeration of the lectures has ended We inform you that registration for the lectures has ended at the 38th Annual Conference of the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists
Symposium on refractive surgery in coordination with the Syrian Association of Ophthalmologists , the tishreen military Hospital will conduct a symposium on refractive surgery on Wednesday , 26-2-2020 . Lecturer: Dr. Anas anbari .. The invitation is public
Scientific symposium on glaucoma Under the patronage of the Military Medical Services Administration, Tishreen Military Hospital , in cooperation with the Syrian Association of Ophthalmologists , has the honor to invite you to attend to scientific symposium on glaucoma at the grand hall at tishreen Military Hospital at 8:30 am on Saurday, February 29,2020 Lecturers : Dr. Ali Shekha - Dr. Nuha Fayyoumi - Dr. salah mugharbel - Dr. Bassel faaouri - Dr. Hussein Zeinab Open invitation
Middle East Ophthalmology Meeting (MEOM) Dear colleagues...... The Syrian Society of Ophthalmology is participating in a conference Middle East Ophthalmology Meeting (MEOM) Virtual online organized by Dr. Muhammad Al-Omari From the Emirates on 16-17-18 September 2020 The duration of the session will be an hour and a half. Colleagues wishing to present valuable lectures in various specializations in kind are requested to inform us promptly of a deadline of 16 August, with the name of the lecture to be sent to the organizing committee ... The duration of the lecture is 8 minutes. Please communicate directly with a member of the Board of Directors ...
Modern studies for retina treatment Recommended Research Products The IMO Institute is the only center that is in continuous studies in Europe to look for a new treatment of artificial vision. The Iris®II is inventor by Pixium Vision through the network, is easy to operate and reduce the risk of retina and other surgical complications. This machine (IRIS®II) is a new generator for retail treatment, is easy to use and change it when needed. Treatment is on the view of Dr. Rafael Navarro (Reuters) in this area with the Impro Foundation: "This new device is expected to give remarkable results for patients who use. At the moment it is difficult to talk about the results exactly but gives accurate information about the retina. Dr. Anniken Burés. On the other hand, Dr. Borja Corcostegui) is the research manager for these studies in Spain for more than two decades: "We did not get after the results of the supply of improving the quality of patients' lives, but perseverance in the coming years will allow good queues. This encourages the Immo Institute's Immune of these studies to get satisfactory results, among these research: genetic therapy and is in advanced phase of study. The period for the study and how to choose the filters began IRIS®II's studies and last 18 months and may reach 36 months according to the results. 10 patients will be studied, one of the participation of one of the participant center (and the selection of filters of the experience still continuously. The patients are all the worst visas because of an atrophy in the retina: the petroleum rebel, the conical convenience or a comfortable break. This prothlast caused a bombing in the cells of the retina but does not confuse the optical nerve. Patients who have lost the sight of other symptoms such as the diabetes of the diabetes or the palace of the squid, are the same, the sheets or some corneal diseases. How to use IRIS®II with a silicon-based of the 150-in-chip-iris®Ir (Iris®). The latter is grown into the gray and stimulates it in an artificial way, allowing the patient to understand the shapes and movements. The device uses a mini-bso-inspired mini-camera to reduce the human eye, as you pick up visualization of optical fields through pixels. Thanks to the camera installed on glasses that are the information that stimulates the retina to move the image of the brain.
The 38th annual conference of the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists The 38th annual conference of the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists has been postponed   From ( 9-10-11) April 2020 To( 23-24-25 )July 2020
Corona virus may be transmitted through the eyes ... and a warning of the "dangerousness" of tears Corona virus may be transmitted through the eyes ... and a warning of the "dangerousness" of tears A recent study warned that the Corona virus can enter the body through the eye, indicating that tears contaminated with the virus may be a source of transmission. The results of the study, conducted by a team of researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the United States, come after people who had been infected with the Corona virus complained of eye irritation and conjunctivitis. The Corona virus can attach to cells inside the body through "ACE receptors", and these receptors are found in the lungs and the respiratory system, but scientists have found that the eye also produces "ACE-2 receptors", making it a target for the virus. And the scientists who conducted the study revealed "the presence of the virus in tear samples of a number of people with corona," according to the British newspaper "The Sun", on Monday. They added that it is possible that the surface of the eye will serve as an entrance to the virus, if it is exposed to droplets flying in the air or by wiping the eye with a contaminated hand. The team took samples from the cornea of ​​the eyes of some Corona virus patients, and found that the virus was particularly prominent in the conjunctiva and the cornea, according to the study. The results of the study also indicated that eye swabs showed the presence of the virus in the eye for 27 days after the initial symptoms of the disease, despite the absence of the virus in the nasal swabs. The results of the study may provide additional information regarding the role of the ocular surface in the transmission of the Corona virus, as it is possible that the surface of the eye may form a reservoir for the virus. The study team highlighted other studies related to the transmission of the virus through the eyes, including those that concluded that there is no clear evidence about the possibility of virus transmission through the eyes. The research team emphasized that the results of the study they reached highlight the importance of maintaining personal hygiene during the outbreak, and continuing to follow personal protection measures.
Hope for a cure for retinitis pigmentosa Hope for a cure for retinitis pigmentosa Retinitis pigmentosa is an incurable disease, but that may change thanks to a cell patch that was developed and implanted in two patients in 2019. In her report, published in the Spanish magazine Le Figaro, writer Margot Brunat said that about thirty thousand people are currently living in France with retinitis pigmentosa, a group of rare genetic diseases that lead to gradual loss of vision. This condition can begin at any age, and is most often diagnosed between 10 and 30 years old. Currently, there is no cure available for this disease, but research is developing. Crystal Monville and her team were able to develop a "cell patch" for patients with a specific form of retinitis pigmentosa. This was considered a precedent, as the researcher explained that it is "intended for patients whose mutations lead to abnormalities in the epithelial tissue cells, which represents about 5% of cases of this disease." Oyza, a 55-year-old woman with poor eyesight since birth, received her first plaster implantation on September 5, 2019. The patch is made of retinal epithelial cells made from embryonic stem cells. The researcher also explained that it "replaces the destroyed epithelium" by injection, and its content is diffused into the eye. The patch does not repair the destroyed photoreceptors, but it stops the progression of the disease, and after a month passed for Oisa, her brother - who also had this disease - was the second patient who had the transplant. And the researcher quoted that "both of them confirm that they look at the light a little better since the transplant, but they are basically able to withstand the patch, and there are no complications." The author stated that 12 patients will be included in this clinical trial. If the results are conclusive, this patch may become a treatment for some forms of retinitis pigmentosa. In this context, the researcher added that "the epithelial cells are the same cells that are damaged in macular degeneration." This opens an interesting horizon for the 1.5 million interested people.
Medical warning .. Myopia increases the risk of retinal detachment Medical warning .. Myopia increases the risk of retinal detachment The German Association of Ophthalmologists warned that myopia raises the risk of retinal detachment, starting with - 3 diopters, which is the unit of measurement of the optical power of the lenses. The association explained that the cause of danger lies in the shape of the eyeball, where the eyeball is longer than normal in people with nearsightedness, which makes the retina thinner, and then more vulnerable to damage such as retinal holes that may lead to retinal detachment if not treated in a timely manner. The warning signs of retinal detachment are the deterioration of vision, such as the presence of shadows in the field of vision, or seeing flashes of light or black points, according to German News Agency. Noticing these symptoms necessitates consulting a doctor urgently to undergo timely treatment such as laser treatment.
Dr. Hassan Ghobash, Minister of Health My sincere congratulations and blessings, the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists congratulates Dr. Hassan Ghobash on his appointment as Minister of Health, wishing your honorable person success in carrying out the tasks assigned to you, and returning the wheel of the Ministry of Health to the right path for which you are qualified. And as long as you are guarded by the eyes of God - may God bless you and take care of you, and your enjoyment is abundant in health and wellness in light of the great challenges and in what is good for our beloved country, Syria
Virtual Middle East Conference A scientific session of the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists was held at the Virtual Middle East Conference It included several subspecialties, during which doctors gave valuable lectures , In the period (17,18,19) September. Participating doctors: Dr. Ameen Marachi -Dr. Samer Hajjo - Dr. Noha Alfayoumi - Dr. Basel Al-Faaouri - Dr. Mazen Senjab -Dr. Omar Marachi - Dr. Yahya Neama , is a blessing The session was conducted by: Dr. Anas Aljord - Dr. Ramez Tawashi
Virtual Middle East Conference All thanks to the doctors who participated in the session and for all the valuable lectures and discussions that were given and shared and which won everyone's admiration for the Middle East Virtual Ophthalmology Conference There are certificates for the participating doctors from the conference, which are sent to the email of the participating doctor from the conference administration We hope that we can meet soon.
A ceremony honoring the children of outstanding doctors in the high school diploma for the year 2019-2020 Done the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists A ceremony honoring the children of distinguished colleagues in the high school for the year 2019-2020 sponsored by Medico Pharmaceutical Industries Dated 9/10/2020 We congratulate all the distinguished people, and we congratulate all their families on their joy with this distinction ... All thanks to Medico for sponsoring this event.